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Watch Free Black Movies and TV Shows
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Watch Free Black Movies and TV Shows

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Published on Jul 09, 2018
Please read - I am working on the first ever Black Owned Wireless service that will backed by AT&T, TMobile, Sprint and/or Verizon. I'm also seeking to provide black movies to subscribers of this wireless service but for right now the plan is to charge $75 to $80 per month for unlimited talk and text with 22GB or more of data (depending on if its too congested or not) plus you get your choice of Hulu or Netflix for free and Spotify. Take the time to visit my websites it helps alot when people engage.

Those interested in Wireless Service go here (USA Only)

Are you a black owned business or know a black business owner go here To support this movement to create the first ever Black Owned In-Home Platform so you can watch free black movies and tv shows when you buy stuff online or watch hulu or netflix online please do at least the ones with (*) symbol by it;

*1. Subscribe (at 1,000 subscribers I will produce a commercial with my service)
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4. iOS user purchase something on iTunes everytime you use my affiliate link (you don't have to buy the Black Panther movie just simple search something after you click on the link). If you click on the link without having a iOS it will take you to my advertising page on

If I get at least 100,000 subscribers I can go to studios to talk about licensing there content for my video service platform. However for just 1,000 subscribers I will produce my first ever commercial about my video service platform which is 100% guaranteed to wow you.