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Christian Movies Online Free - Road 2 Damascus

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Published on Dec 12, 2015
In this Christian Movie Road 2 Damascus you will see the urban story of Paul (Sid Burston), the leader of the retro-style singing group, The Tear Drops set to re-enter a life of self-destruction after having served as the Pastor of a small Christian church in the fictional city of Damascus, California. This black Christian movie style film Road 2 Damascus brings original gospel music and gospel songs from a variety of different artist from all over America and the Caribbean. This black Christian Movie also shows the dark side of reality and is not to be confused with Tyler Perry or the large collection of Tyler Perry Movies in any way

However it is similar to Tyler Perry Christian Movies without the huge budget, Road to Damascus is also a Black Christian Movie that captures gospel hip hop music, gospel r&b music and other music that will touch your soul. Telling the tragic and exciting tale of love gone wrong and faith left behind in the wind of ambition and lust. Road to Damascus the NON Tyler Perry Black Christian Movies guest stars famed Belizean/Musician “Mime Martinez” as a loan shark and noted Nigerian actor, “Nsa Nsa” as Paul’s father, “Diane Sellers” (from Rules of Engagement), as Paul’s psychologist wife, Toyia Moore (a former runner-up for Ms. New Jersey) as Paul’s mistress, and Derrick Shawn (from the off-Broadway play Angels Over Tuskegee and as Paul’s nemesis. Road to Damascus is posted for free online as a non Tyler Perry edgy Gospel Music Christian Movie with great gospel songs.

Ross Jordan was excited and honored to hear that this Christian Movie would be opening the International Film Festival in Belize. Belizean Music and culture are intimate companions of filmmaker Ross Jordan. Jordan is known throughout the Belizean community for his exciting video production and editing showcased on over 60 concert DVD's. Jordan is considered an honorary Belizean and his production company GOASTAFA Prod/ was named the number one video production crew in the US for Belizeans. That's why in this Christian movie you will hear the Caribbean sound of the African drums of Belize

In this powerful Christian Movie you will see that Paul loves God and his wife but finds himself confronted with a decision that could lead to the lost of both. During the bumpy Road to Damascus where Love and hate, good and evil, envy and admiration become opposite twins that challenges the stability of Pauls life. When watching this Christian Movie the viewer and the on screen congregation will find themselves twisting through a matrix of multiple emotions as they seek to save their very own souls.

We try to be clear that this is a non Tyler Perry movie as we notice that when people see a black christian movie they are looking for a Tyler Perry movie. As we enjoy the Tyler Perry Movie Franchise, we also don't want to lead anyone in the wrong direction as we know this film is a much different.

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