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BG Films
Runtime: 1:21:5
Published on Sep 01, 2017
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BG Films presents free Youtube movies online on my channel. You can watch free full youtube movies online without downloading. BG Films presents latest action movie "Blood and Love". It's a free movie to watch online.

This free movie is about an assassin named Drake (Peter Burke), he's hired by an aspiring rising politician (Benjamin Myers) to help clean up a problem for him and his campaign. Drake is sent to a hotel to kill a lone woman that might hurt his clients image and reputation.

After watching and observing his target in hotel. Drake suddenly finds himself falling in love with a woman named Gail (Gabrielle Loneck), the very same woman he was sent to kill. They start to find themselves spending time with each other. drake starts to learn more about her and becomes closer to her.

Drake finds himself struggling with his newfound feelings. And he decides that he's unable to finish the job. Unfortunately, the politician that hired him sends other assassins to finish his job. drake finds himself caught between love and bullets i this action thriller.

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Actors Starring: Peter Burke, Gabrielle Loneck, Benjamin Myers, Raw Leiba

Movie Runtime: 1 hour, 21 minutes

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