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This Gun for Hire (2018) Full Movie Online Watch And Download HD

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Release Date: 1942-05-13

This Gun for Hire ()
This Gun for Hire () This Gun for Hire () 7.3 / 10 by 42 users
Title:This Gun for Hire
Original Title:This Gun for Hire
Release: 1942-05-13
Country: United States of America
Language: English
Runtime: 81 min.
Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

 Production Company:Paramount
 Plot Keyword:cat, paranoia, hitman, propaganda, police, femme fatale, conspiracy, train, hired killer, police officer shot, police shootout, film noir, murder mystery
 Alternative Titles:
  • El cuervo
  • Il fuorilegge
  • Un alma torturada
  • Die Narbenhand
  • De omgekochte dooder
  • Оръжие за продан
  • Revolver til leje
  • Vainottu
  • Tueur à gages
  • I agapi tou gangster
  • A merénylet
  • Pistolet do wynajecia


Sadistic killer-for-hire Raven becomes enraged when his latest job is paid off in marked bills. Vowing to track down his double-crossing boss, nightclub executive Gates, Raven sits beside Gates' lovely new employee, Ellen, on a train out of town. Although Ellen is engaged to marry the police lieutenant who's hunting down Raven, she decides to try and set the misguided hit man straight as he hides from the cops and plots his revenge.
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  • Ellen Graham

    Characters : Ellen Graham

    Actor : Veronica Lake

    Det. Michael Crane

    Characters : Det. Michael Crane

    Actor : Robert Preston

    Willard Gates

    Characters : Willard Gates

    Actor : Laird Cregar

    Philip Raven

    Characters : Philip Raven

    Actor : Alan Ladd

    Alvin Brewster

    Characters : Alvin Brewster

    Actor : Tully Marshall


    Characters : Tommy

    Actor : Marc Lawrence

    Blair Fletcher (as Olin Howlin)

    Characters : Blair Fletcher (as Olin Howlin)

    Actor : Olin Howland

    Senator Burnett

    Characters : Senator Burnett

    Actor : Roger Imhof


    Characters : Annie

    Actor : Pamela Blake

    Albert Baker

    Characters : Albert Baker

    Actor : Frank Ferguson


    Characters : Drew

    Actor : Victor Kilian


    Characters : Ruby

    Actor : Patricia Farr

    Steve Finnerty

    Characters : Steve Finnerty

    Actor : Harry Shannon

    Police Captain

    Characters : Police Captain

    Actor : Charles C. Wilson


    Characters : Slukey

    Actor : Mikhail Rasumny

    Albert Baker's Secretary

    Characters : Albert Baker's Secretary

    Actor : Bernadene Hayes


    Characters : Salesgirl

    Actor : Mary Davenport

    Rooming House Manager

    Characters : Rooming House Manager

    Actor : Chester Clute

    Male Dressmaker

    Characters : Male Dressmaker

    Actor : Charles Arnt

    Mr. Collins (as Earle Dewey)

    Characters : Mr. Collins (as Earle Dewey)

    Actor : Earle S. Dewey

    Scissor Grinder

    Characters : Scissor Grinder

    Actor : Clem Bevans

    Gates' Secretary

    Characters : Gates' Secretary

    Actor : Lynda Grey

    Plainclothesman (uncredited)

    Characters : Plainclothesman (uncredited)

    Actor : George Anderson

    Piano Player (uncredited)

    Characters : Piano Player (uncredited)

    Actor : Don Barclay

    Innocent Dupe (uncredited)

    Characters : Innocent Dupe (uncredited)

    Actor : Jack Baxley

    Waitress (uncredited)

    Characters : Waitress (uncredited)

    Actor : Karin Booth

    Superintendent (uncredited)

    Characters : Superintendent (uncredited)

    Actor : Harry Brown

    Laundry Truck Driver (uncredited)

    Characters : Laundry Truck Driver (uncredited)

    Actor : William Cabanne

    Demolition Foreman (uncredited)

    Characters : Demolition Foreman (uncredited)

    Actor : Eddy Chandler

    Policeman (uncredited)

    Characters : Policeman (uncredited)

    Actor : Jack Cheatham

    Showgirl at Neptune Club (uncredited)

    Characters : Showgirl at Neptune Club (uncredited)

    Actor : Yvonne De Carlo

    Superintendent (uncredited)

    Characters : Superintendent (uncredited)

    Actor : Gordon De Main

    Night Watchman (uncredited)

    Characters : Night Watchman (uncredited)

    Actor : Jim Farley

    Maid in Dress Shop (uncredited)

    Characters : Maid in Dress Shop (uncredited)

    Actor : Virginia Farmer

    Woman on Bridge (uncredited)

    Characters : Woman on Bridge (uncredited)

    Actor : Betty Farrington

    Policeman (uncredited)

    Characters : Policeman (uncredited)

    Actor : Chuck Hamilton

    Man at Rehearsal (uncredited)

    Characters : Man at Rehearsal (uncredited)

    Actor : Sam Harris

    Man in Restaurant Recognizing Gates (uncredited)

    Characters : Man in Restaurant Recognizing Gates (uncredited)

    Actor : Harry Hayden

    Old Irishman (uncredited)

    Characters : Old Irishman (uncredited)

    Actor : Charles Irwin

    Man who Bumps into Raven (uncredited)

    Characters : Man who Bumps into Raven (uncredited)

    Actor : Arthur Loft

    Policeman (uncredited)

    Characters : Policeman (uncredited)

    Actor : George Magrill

    Superintendent (uncredited)

    Characters : Superintendent (uncredited)

    Actor : John Marston

    Detective (uncredited)

    Characters : Detective (uncredited)

    Actor : Charles McMurphy

    Doorman (uncredited)

    Characters : Doorman (uncredited)

    Actor : Ivan Miller

    Pullman Waiter (uncredited)

    Characters : Pullman Waiter (uncredited)

    Actor : Charles R. Moore

    Receptionist (uncredited)

    Characters : Receptionist (uncredited)

    Actor : Frances Morris

    Conductor (uncredited)

    Characters : Conductor (uncredited)

    Actor : Pat O'Malley

    Mrs. Mason (uncredited)

    Characters : Mrs. Mason (uncredited)

    Actor : Sarah Padden

    Gateman (uncredited)

    Characters : Gateman (uncredited)

    Actor : Lee Prather

    Man at Audition (uncredited)

    Characters : Man at Audition (uncredited)

    Actor : Jack Reitzen

    Neptune Club Waiter (uncredited)

    Characters : Neptune Club Waiter (uncredited)

    Actor : Cyril Ring

    Man with Monkey (uncredited)

    Characters : Man with Monkey (uncredited)

    Actor : Julian Rivero

    Lt. Clark (uncredited)

    Characters : Lt. Clark (uncredited)

    Actor : Dick Rush

    Weems - Guard (uncredited)

    Characters : Weems - Guard (uncredited)

    Actor : Tim Ryan

    Keever (uncredited)

    Characters : Keever (uncredited)

    Actor : John Sheehan

    Train Porter (uncredited)

    Characters : Train Porter (uncredited)

    Actor : Oscar Smith

    Police Captain at Train Station (uncredited)

    Characters : Police Captain at Train Station (uncredited)

    Actor : Edwin Stanley

    Officer Glennon (uncredited)

    Characters : Officer Glennon (uncredited)

    Actor : Elliott Sullivan

    Machinist (uncredited)

    Characters : Machinist (uncredited)

    Actor : Phil Tead

    Police Sgt. Charlie Carlisle (uncredited)

    Characters : Police Sgt. Charlie Carlisle (uncredited)

    Actor : Emmett Vogan

    Walt - Newsboy (uncredited)

    Characters : Walt - Newsboy (uncredited)

    Actor : Fred Walburn

    Young Man (uncredited)

    Characters : Young Man (uncredited)

    Actor : Richard Webb

    Janitor (uncredited)

    Characters : Janitor (uncredited)

    Actor : Pat West

    Woman (uncredited)

    Characters : Woman (uncredited)

    Actor : Gloria Williams

    Jimmie (uncredited)

    Characters : Jimmie (uncredited)

    Actor : Robert Winkler

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