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Captains Courageous (2018) Full Movie Online Watch And Download HD

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Release Date: 1937-06-25

Captains Courageous ()
Captains Courageous () Captains Courageous () 7.3 / 10 by 68 users
Title:Captains Courageous
Original Title:Captains Courageous
Release: 1937-06-25
Country: United States of America
Language: English, Português, Español
Runtime: 115 min.
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Family

 Production Company:Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
 Plot Keyword:fishing, fisherman, spoiled child, coming of age, fishing boat, ice cream parlor, schooner, accident, trawler, portuguese fisherman
 Alternative Titles:
  • Capitanes intrépidos
  • Seeteufel
  • Moedige kapiteins
  • Храбрите капитани
  • Marujo Intrépido
  • Havets helte
  • Meren urhoja
  • Capitaines courageux
  • Daimones ton kymaton
  • A bátrak kapitánya
  • De stormduivels
  • Bohaterowie morza


Harvey, the arrogant and spoiled son of an indulgent absentee-father, falls overboard from a transatlantic steamship and is rescued by a fishing vessel on the Grand Banks. Harvey fails to persuade them to take him ashore, nor convince the crew of his wealth. The captain offers him a low-paid job, until they return to port, as part of the crew that turns him into a mature, considerate young man.
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  • Harvey Cheyne

    Characters : Harvey Cheyne

    Actor : Freddie Bartholomew

    Manuel Fidello

    Characters : Manuel Fidello

    Actor : Spencer Tracy

    Captain Disko Troop

    Characters : Captain Disko Troop

    Actor : Lionel Barrymore

    Frank Burton Cheyne

    Characters : Frank Burton Cheyne

    Actor : Melvyn Douglas

    Uncle Salters

    Characters : Uncle Salters

    Actor : Charley Grapewin

    Dan Troop

    Characters : Dan Troop

    Actor : Mickey Rooney

    Long Jack

    Characters : Long Jack

    Actor : John Carradine

    Captain Walt Cushman

    Characters : Captain Walt Cushman

    Actor : Oscar O'Shea


    Characters : Priest

    Actor : Jack La Rue

    Dr. Finley

    Characters : Dr. Finley

    Actor : Walter Kingsford


    Characters : Tyler

    Actor : Donald Briggs


    Characters : 'Doc'

    Actor : Sam McDaniel


    Characters : Charles

    Actor : Bill Burrud

    Robbins (uncredited)

    Characters : Robbins (uncredited)

    Actor : Norman Ainsley

    Fisherman (uncredited)

    Characters : Fisherman (uncredited)

    Actor : C.E. Anderson

    Fisherman (uncredited)

    Characters : Fisherman (uncredited)

    Actor : Edward Peil Sr.

    Boy (uncredited)

    Characters : Boy (uncredited)

    Actor : Wally Albright

    Boy (uncredited)

    Characters : Boy (uncredited)

    Actor : Lee Van Atta

    Boy on Ship (uncredited)

    Characters : Boy on Ship (uncredited)

    Actor : Tommy Bupp

    Boy in Print Shop (uncredited)

    Characters : Boy in Print Shop (uncredited)

    Actor : Gene Reynolds

    Bit Role (uncredited)

    Characters : Bit Role (uncredited)

    Actor : Betty Alden

    Bit Role (uncredited)

    Characters : Bit Role (uncredited)

    Actor : Sherry Hall

    Bit Role (uncredited)

    Characters : Bit Role (uncredited)

    Actor : Mira McKinney

    Bit Role (uncredited)

    Characters : Bit Role (uncredited)

    Actor : Dennis O'Keefe

    Reporter (uncredited)

    Characters : Reporter (uncredited)

    Actor : William Arnold

    Reporter (uncredited)

    Characters : Reporter (uncredited)

    Actor : Don Brodie

    Reporter (uncredited)

    Characters : Reporter (uncredited)

    Actor : Bobby Watson

    Capt. Anderson (uncredited)

    Characters : Capt. Anderson (uncredited)

    Actor : Art Berry Sr.

    Captain of Flying Swan (uncredited)

    Characters : Captain of Flying Swan (uncredited)

    Actor : Jack Kennedy

    Skipper of Blue Gill (uncredited)

    Characters : Skipper of Blue Gill (uncredited)

    Actor : Wade Boteler

    Skipper of Ship (uncredited)

    Characters : Skipper of Ship (uncredited)

    Actor : Lloyd Ingraham

    Burns (uncredited)

    Characters : Burns (uncredited)

    Actor : Leo G. Carroll

    Burns the Butler (uncredited)

    Characters : Burns the Butler (uncredited)

    Actor : Charles Coleman

    Martin (uncredited)

    Characters : Martin (uncredited)

    Actor : Jimmy Conlin

    Corridor Steward (uncredited)

    Characters : Corridor Steward (uncredited)

    Actor : Lester Dorr

    Soda Steward (uncredited)

    Characters : Soda Steward (uncredited)

    Actor : Billy Gilbert

    First Steward (uncredited)

    Characters : First Steward (uncredited)

    Actor : Richard Powell

    Crewman (uncredited)

    Characters : Crewman (uncredited)

    Actor : Larry Fisher

    Crewman (uncredited)

    Characters : Crewman (uncredited)

    Actor : James Kilgannon

    Crewman (uncredited)

    Characters : Crewman (uncredited)

    Actor : Stubby Kruger

    Crewman (uncredited)

    Characters : Crewman (uncredited)

    Actor : Philo McCullough

    Crewman (uncredited)

    Characters : Crewman (uncredited)

    Actor : Gil Perkins

    Crewman (uncredited)

    Characters : Crewman (uncredited)

    Actor : Jack Sterling

    Nate Rogers (uncredited)

    Characters : Nate Rogers (uncredited)

    Actor : Roger Gray


    Characters : (uncredited)

    Actor : Henry Hanna

    Secretary Cobb (uncredited)

    Characters : Secretary Cobb (uncredited)

    Actor : Gladden James

    Minister (uncredited)

    Characters : Minister (uncredited)

    Actor : Murray Kinnell

    Chester's Wife (uncredited)

    Characters : Chester's Wife (uncredited)

    Actor : Myra Marsh

    Old Clement (uncredited)

    Characters : Old Clement (uncredited)

    Actor : Christian Rub

    Elliott (uncredited)

    Characters : Elliott (uncredited)

    Actor : William Stack

    Taxi Driver (uncredited)

    Characters : Taxi Driver (uncredited)

    Actor : Frank Sully

    Nate's Wife (uncredited)

    Characters : Nate's Wife (uncredited)

    Actor : Gertrude Sutton

    Tom (uncredited)

    Characters : Tom (uncredited)

    Actor : David Thursby

    Dr. Dick Walsh (uncredited)

    Characters : Dr. Dick Walsh (uncredited)

    Actor : Charles Trowbridge

    Sailor on Flying Swan (uncredited)

    Characters : Sailor on Flying Swan (uncredited)

    Actor : Monte Vandergrift

    Pogey Williams (uncredited)

    Characters : Pogey Williams (uncredited)

    Actor : Jay Ward

    Lars (uncredited)

    Characters : Lars (uncredited)

    Actor : Dave Wengren

    Alvin Savage (uncredited)

    Characters : Alvin Savage (uncredited)

    Actor : Kenneth Wilson

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